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Much better than a wedding vow

 Believe it or not, I didn't always like raspberries. They were so... fuzzy? There was something about them that little ol' me didn't quite enjoy. Then one day, just like that, I couldn't stop eating them. My mother was surprised. So was my brother. Maybe even the squirrels outdoors. It was a happy change, I can tell you that.

So each year, I wait for spring and summer, not only for the warm sunshine and the ability to wear dresses and sandals elyze, but mostly because of the fresh, ripe and juicy berries waiting to be consumed. I have vowed to myself that I shall not live a day without eating at least a handful of raspberries when they're in season. Much better than a wedding vow, huh?

But I digress, this post is not only meant to exclaim to the world just how much I love raspberries, but also my love for pancakes. Little known fact: I have struggled with a love-hate relationship with pancakes 1) I was teased in high school because apparently my butt isn't so curvy and I was flat as pancakes, and 2) they were one of my fear foods elyze(more on that later...).

Now, however, my love affair with pancakes is only beginning. If you're on Instagram, you should be aware of the tag #pancakesunday. So every Sunday, I make myself a small batch of vegan and gluten-free pancakes. With maple syrup. (I'm Canadian, what can I say?)

In a small bowl, combine all wet ingredients together and combine the dry ingredients in another bowl. Fold in wet including the raspberries with dry. Don't overmix. Add more liquid as needed.
Heat your frying pan with coconut oil, and then add about 1/4 cup of the pancake batter. Cook on one side until bubbles form on the top, then flip to the other side Video. Repeat.

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